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209 Engelse voorbeeldzinnen|vergadering-video call-conference call

209 Engelse voorbeeldzinnen|vergadering-video call-conference call

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Engelse zinnen video call

In het Engels overleggen en vergaderen via video call: voorbeeldzinnen

209 Engelse voorbeeldzinnen. Het vergaderen, overleggen en contacten met klanten en collega’s heeft een vogelvlucht genomen.
Werk je in een internationaal bedrijf dat gaat dat vaak via een Engelse video call. We nemen je mee van begin tot eind.

209 Engelse voorbeeldzinnen voor een vergadering of video call: de introductie

Maar laten we eerst beginnen met wat algemene begrippen.


De kennismaking/het ijs breken

1.            Nice to see you (again) / Good to meet you.

2.            Have you been here before?

3.            We’ve emailed or phoned each other a few times, but it’s nice to finally meet you face to face.

4.            You must be … .

5.            Is this your first time here?

6.            Did we meet at a network meeting?

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Welkom heten

7.            Good morning everyone and welcome to the meeting today.

8.            I’m pleased to welcome you today to…

9.            It is nice to see you all.

10.          Thank you for taking the time.

Jezelf en anderen introduceren

11.          For those of you who don’t know me, I am… .

12.          Let’s start by each person saying their name and a few words about their job, their role in this team, their background… .

13.          I’m pleased to introduce you to a new member of our team.

14.          In case you don’t know him/her already, this is… from… .

15.          … will be joining us today as well.

Als er problemen zijn met de verbinding of verstaanbaarheid kun je vragen:

‘I think Robbert can’t hear me, is that right Robbert?
‘Hang on, I’ll use the chat box’.
‘Diana, I can hear background noise, could you please mute your microphone’?
‘John could you please log in again with your password’.
‘Could you switch on your camera Peter, thanks’.

Lees hier alles over vergaderen en notuleren in het Engels

De Engelse vergadering of video call beginnen

16.          All right that’s the introductions done. Let’s get started.

17.          Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

18.          We’ve got a lot to get through, so let’s begin.

19.          I’d like to start with… which is about…

20.          Let’s kick off with…

De agenda

21.          Have you all got the agenda?

22.          As we can see from the agenda there is a lot to get through.

23.          As we can see there is only a couple of issues to discuss.

24.          If there are no objections, I’d like to skip the first topic and start instead with the second one.

De reden van de vergadering of video bijeenkomst

25.          As you probably know, the main reason for this meeting is…

26.          As I wrote in my email yesterday, we need to come to an agreement about…

27.          What we need to decide today is…

28.          This meeting is very important because …

29.          The purpose of this meeting is to…

Kort doornemen vorige video bijeenkomst of vergadering

30.          Before we begin I think it would be a good idea to review…

31.          In our last meeting, we agreed on the following issues… but we still need to reach a conclusion on…

32.          There are a number of points from the last meeting which need to be addressed.

Bekijk de 6 tips en etiquette voor video calls

Tips voor Engelse video calls
Tips voor Engelse video calls

Handige zinnen die je tijdens je video-call in het Engels kunt gebruiken.


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De agenda en onderwerpen voor de Engels video call 

De onderwerpen

33.          If we achieve nothing else today we must find a solution to…

34.          Our aim today is…

35.          By the end of this meeting, I’d like to have reached a decision about…

36.          We must reach an agreement on … today.

De gespreksleider cq voorzitter introduceren

37.          Over to John now.

38.          OK, that’s it from me, I’d like to hand over to Peter.

39.          Sara’s now going to go into this point in more detail for you.

40.          Michael will tell you everything about …

Naar het volgende punt op de agenda

41.          If nobody has anything else to add we will move on.

42.          If there are no more questions I’d like to move on to the next item.

43.          Let’s move on to the next point which is about…

Visuele middelen

44.          As you can see from this slide…

45.          If you could now focus on the second chart you will see.

46.          I would like to draw your attention to this graph…

47.          Next we will show you a short video, explaining it.

Voortgang bespreken

48.          How is the project coming along?

49.          How did you get on at … (company) last week?

50.          Steven, can you bring us up to date on…?

51.          Despite recent setbacks, I am happy to say we are on schedule.

52.          I have not received approval yet.

53.          I am delighted to tell you that our proposal has been accepted.

54.          We have got the go-ahead from the board.

55.          You’ll be pleased to hear that the presentation was a success.

56.          We have achieved our targets for this quarter.

57.          We have hit some serious issues with…

58.          Our request for more funding has been declined.

59.          The latest figures are somewhat disappointing.

Engelse voorbeeldzinnen: actie ondernemen 

Te ondernemen punten

60.          I’d like you to…

61.          John, would you mind…?

62.          Mandy, could you take care of that please?

63.          Could you send us this information at the end of the week, please?

64.          Will you look after that Peter?

65.          Brian will send you all the information by Friday.

Accepteren van taken

66.          I’d be happy to handle that.

67.          OK I’ll do that.

68.          Sure, when do you need it?

69.          I’ll deal with that, when do we need it?

70.          No problem, I will look after that.

Weigeren van acties

71.          I don’t think I’d be the best person to handle that task.

72.          I’d like to help out, but my time is fully taken up with…

73.          Our team is really stretched as it is, so I can’t agree to that unless we extend the deadline.

74.          I’m sorry I will have to ask Joan to help you out this time.


75.          Sorry to interrupt, but…

76.          Sorry, I really have to say something here.

77.          Hold on a moment. What you’re saying is…

78.          If I could just jump in for a moment…

79.          May I interrupt you there for a second?

80.          Hang on, this is not what we agreed on.

81.          If I could just finish what I was saying.

82.          Could I just finish my point?

83.          Please let me finish.

84.          Just a second…

Voorbeeldzinnen; hoe je jouw mening geeft in het Engels.

Je-mening-geven-in-het-Engels-SR training-zakelijk-Engels

Om een mening vragen 

85.          How do you feel about that?

86.          What is your point of view?

87.          David, I would really appreciate your view.

88.          Have you got any thoughts on this?

89.          Do you have any views on this?

90.          Does anyone have any other comments?


91.          I see what you mean.

92.          You’ve got a point there.

93.          Great, you came with that.

94.          That’s very good point.

95.          That’s a great suggestion.

96.          That’s one way of looking at it.

97.          I believe…

98.          I’m convinced that…

99.          I’m sure that…

100.       There’s no doubt in my mind that…

101.       I’m quite certain that…

102.       I think…

103.       Well, if you ask me…

104.       I’d like to point out that…

105.       As I see it…

106.       In my opinion…

107.       I feel that…

108.       My impression is that…

109.       I am not sure but I am leaning towards…

110.          I tend to think…

Engelse video call of vergadering; het ergens mee eens zijn


111.       Absolutely.

112.       Exactly.

113.       I totally agree with you.

114.       I have exactly the same opinion as you.

115.       You have hit the nail on the head.

116.       Ok, point taken, you’re right.


117.       I agree to a certain extent

118.       I am with you up to a point.

119.       I agree partly.

120.       I guess you’re right.

Engelse voorbeeldzinnen: het ergens mee oneens zijn   

Mee oneens zijn


121.       I totally disagree.

122.       I’m afraid I can’t agree with you there.

123.       With respect, I have to say I don’t agree.

124.       I disagree entirely.

125.       I can’t go along with that at all.

126.       It’s out of the question.

127.       I understand what you are saying, but I have a different


128.       Sorry, but I can’t go along with that.


129.       I agree with you to a point but I disagree about…

130.       I know what you mean but…

131.       I don’t really agree with you.

132.       I think it might be better to…

133.       I’d be inclined to think the opposite.


134.       I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.

135.       Don’t you think that…?

136.       I’m concerned that…

137.       I’m not entirely convinced that…

138.       Are you really sure that …?

Bekijk de woordenlijst met Engelse tegengestelde woorden.


Uitleg geven

139.       What I’m trying to say is…

140.       What I mean is…

141.       Let me give you an example of what I mean.

142.       To illustrate…

143.       Well, in other words…

Om uitleg vragen

144.       I’m sorry, but I’m not very clear about…

145.       Could you explain that again please?

146.       What do you mean by…?

147.       I don’t quite understand what you mean by…

148.       So what you’re saying is…

149.       Are you saying that…?

150.       I’m not sure I understand you.

151.       If I understand you correctly, you mean…

152.       Let me see if I understand you correctly, you mean that…

Pas de gesprekstechnieken in het Engels toe in jouw video calls

Engelse voorbeeldzinnen: om een voorstel of suggestie vragen

153.       Do you have any suggestions?

154.       Please share any suggestions you may have.

155.       Any suggestions?

156.       What do you suggest?

157.       If you have any suggestions, do feel free to put them on the


Voorstel doen

158.       Why don’t you…

159.       Have you tried…

160.       I think we should…

161.       How about…

162.       My suggestion would be…

163.       My recommendation would be to…

164.       I propose…

165.       I would suggest…

166.       I would recommend…

167.       The best course of action would probably be…

168.       We should probably consider…

169.       What do you think about …

Bekijk de Engelse woordenlijsten voor verschillende functies en onderwerpen

Een punt maken

170.       I feel strongly that we should go this way because of the

  following facts…

171.       The benefit of doing it this way is that…

172.       I’m very much in favour of… because …

173.       There are three main advantages to this solution.

174.       This could really benefit us if we …

175.       It seems like a perfect solution if we …


176.       I have to admit that…

177.       It is true that…

178.       I see what you mean, I had not thought of it like that.

179.       Yes, you are right, I did not take that into account.

180.       That’s a good point.

Overeenstemming bereiken

181.       Are we in agreement then?

182.       I think we have an understanding now.

183.       So if we are both in agreement, I will draw up a written


184.       Sounds like we have a deal.

185.       To sum up, I think we’ve agreed the following…

186.       Do we all agree on …

187.       Great, that we could reach an agreement.

188.       That wraps it up, good we could close the deal.

Doe beter zaken als je de cultuur kent. Tips!

Samenvatten van de besproken punten in de video call 

189.       To recap on what has been said so far,…

190.       So far, the following points have been raised…

191.       Let’s go over what we have decided on…

192.       Just to summarize briefly:…

193.       So going forward we need to…

194.       Our next steps are to…

Laatste vragen

195.       Is there anything else that we need to discuss / talk about?

  or: have we covered everything ?

196.       No, I think we’ve covered everything, thanks.

197.       Actually, there is just one more thing that I’d like to discuss.

198.       Actually, there’s something I’d like to bring up briefly before

  we finish.

199.       I have one last question.

Het vervolg

200.       I look forward to seeing you again soon.

201.       I’ll check and get in touch with next week about our next


202.       I’ll be in contact with shortly to arrange our next meeting.

203.       See you at… or Hope to see you next week…or Thanks everyone, see you on Monday…

  See you soon or See you later.


204.       Thanks for your time today.

205.       I appreciate your input, Many thanks.

206.       Let’s wrap it up there and continue tomorrow.

207.       Have a safe trip home.

208.       It was a very successful meeting, thanks everyone.

209.       Hope to see you all next week.

En tot slot maak deze fouten in zakelijk Engels niet.

Bekijk ook de artikelen op deze Engelse site eens: tips op het gebied van zakelijk Engels

Met deze informatie en Engelse voorbeeldzinnen, zou je Engelse video call, vergadering of conference call beter moeten gaan. Veel Succes en fijn als je dit artikel hieronder wilt delen. Bedankt.

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In de afgelopen maanden heeft een aantal van mijn collegae bij A&B Groep de cursus Zakelijk Engels gevolgd bij SR training en ik ben blij verrast met de behaalde resultaten.

SR training heeft het team Geboortezorgadvies van CZ op een praktische en inspirerende manier kennis laten maken met Zakelijk Engels.

Iedere les was voor mij boeiend en leerzaam. De opdrachtvormen waren wisselend, afgestemd op mijn werk. Dit maakte de lessen dynamischer.

SR training is een toegankelijk trainingsbureau dat hoogwaardige taaltrainingen aanbiedt. Het is een fijne partner in de samenwerking en is enorm flexibel. Flexibel in de inhoud van trainingen, de planning en de omgang.

Wat me vooral aansprak was, dat het zo toepasbaar was. We behandelden onze eigen e-mails en rapporten. Geen droge lesstof of invuloefeningen.

Wat een verschil met school, dat leren zo leuk kan zijn. Echt praktisch en afgestemd op onze groep.
Hartstikke bruikbaar in ons werk.

Het heeft me eigenlijk nog verder gebracht dan waar ik dacht uit te komen. Ik spreek met veel meer zelfvertrouwen en merk dat het communiceren stukken beter gaat. Ook is er aandacht besteed aan vaktechnische vocabulaire wat me erg heeft geholpen.